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Knowledge and application of EDM puncher

Spark perforation machines generally refers to spark puncher, is the small holes of a metal material processing machine. The puncher EDM hole machine, EDM drilling machines, small hole machining machine, pore EDM.
Spark perforation machine works is the use of continuous vertical movement up and down movement of fine metal brass (referred to as the electrode wire) for the electrode, stainless steel, hardened steel, carbide, copper, aluminum and other metal workpiece pulse spark discharge ablation shape. Pore perforation machines can be used for the processing engine cooling vents, group holes of the sieve, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the oil hole, pump nozzle, fuel injection hole, spinneret spinneret holes of woven wire cutting through the wire Kong difficult to machine a variety of traditional processing methods such as deep holes.

Puncher with EDM machine, perforation of the mechanical and electrical pulse electrode is a hollow brass rod, liquid or gas through the middle of the pore from the copper rod hole from the cooling and chip removal effect. Between electrode and the metal to discharge high temperature corrosion of metal to achieve perforation can be used for the processing of super-hard steel, carbide, copper, aluminum and other conductive substances pore. Minimum Machinable 0.015mm small hole puncher, but also can be processed with a taper hole, is widely used in precision mold processing, and is generally treated as EDM equipment for hydraulic and pneumatic valve body oil, the engine leaves the spinneret spinneret holes, cylinder cooling holes, chemical fiber spinneret, EDM wire cutting through the wire holes, gas holes and so on.

Punch depending on the application media is broadly divided into two types, a liquid punch through the copper rod holes, due to the liquid processing, and may plug the copper rod holes, so the minimum can be processed 0.15mm pore! Depth can only process 20mm. Universal application, and another gas puncher, copper rod holes media is gas, so you will not be blocked, can be processed more precise holes.


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